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Blog Like Nobody's Watching

Updated: May 28, 2020

Thanks for visiting my blog. The plan is for a few musings every now and again, reflections on projects, that kind of thing, but hopefully something of interest!

Red Skies cast with me in Southwold. Photo by Jo Leverett

If I'm honest, one of the hardest things I've found in this time of isolation/lockdown/social distancing is the lack of community. On Wednesday 18th March I was with my cast, our stage manager, a technician, venue staff and others from the company, by the next evening we were scattered to the four winds. No more rehearsal games, no structured days, communal lunch breaks or checking in with Hazel at Box Office. No getting scenes on their feet after a round of Articulate ('Calm DOWN Freya!') and discussions about the Stalin regime. Just me, myself and a laptop. There is Twitter, yes. And Instagram. And LinkedIn. And facebook. But it's not quite the same is it, really. Not the same as looking at a video over someone's shoulder, or revealing the countdown to the East Anglian Country Fair to a room full of (uninterested) people. Doing stuff with people - sharing ideas, working out how to get an oxygen cylinder onto stage, shouting Bunt! - that's where the connection really lies.

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