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Other hats!

In 2017 I attended a Two Day Mental Health First Aid Training course. I found it incredibly valuable - reinforcing skills I already had and providing me with new tools to support my own mental health and those of others. In 2019 I trained as an Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor. After the seven days of training, in which we are also assessed on our delivery style and grasp of the content, we are required to complete two co-deliveries of the Two-Day course. I have one co-delivery under my belt, I'm looking forward to getting my second completed once the restrictions are lifted. Then I will be qualified as an Adult MHFA Instructor, for the Two-Day course. After that I can up-skill in the various other courses offered by MHFA England. 

Once I'm qualified, I'll be offering courses in Mental Health First Aid. These can be for private groups or open to anyone. I plan to do a mix of the two. If Mental Health First Aid is something you're interested in, whether you're part of an organisation or an individual, please get in touch. Every course attendee gets a MHFA manual, a workbook and a aide memoire for one of the key training tools. 

To find out more about Mental Health First Aid England, please visit their website

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