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Red Skies, Eastern Angles - Spring 2020 (tour postponed)
Cast: Philip Gill (Arthur Ransome), Sally Ann Burnett (Evgenia Shelepina), 
Laurie Coldwell (George Orwell) and Freya Evans (Sonia Brownell)
Photos by Mike Kwasniak
Set and costume design by Ian Teague
Peril at Sea, Up The Road Theatre - Spring 2019
Cast: Alex Scott Fairley (Bobby), Andrew Fobes (Isaac), Kait Feeney (Martha)
Photos by Peter Langdown
Set and costume design by Charlie Cridlan
Bardolph's Box, Up The Road Theatre - Autumn 2016
Cast: Stuart Crowther (Bardolph), Gareth Wildig and Lucy Heath (multiple roles)
Photos by Mark Sepple
Set and costume design by Alice Smith
"It looked like TV but better!"
Key Stage 2 audience member for Bardolph's Box, Liverpool
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